01 November 2006

Rino integration w APRS

Re: [SAR_APRS] Introduction / intergration question

On Sat, 28 Oct 2006, Sean Smith wrote:

> Now for my question, this summer while I was off in Ontario chasing
> forest fires the group purchased several Garmin Rinos, is there
> software other then Dmapper that can take both APRS and Rino data
> and display it on a map. Dmapper's limited stations, 6 I believe
> just doesn't cut it.

Xastir can use an attached RINO radio to poll other RINO radios,
plot them on the local screen, and create APRS objects which it
transmits out to APRS stations. There's no limit to the number of
stations it can track. I've had 39,000+ stations being tracked

See the links section of this group, one of the SAR wiki page that I
contribute to talks about the SAR features in the various APRS
programs, and the APRS Client Capabilities Chart goes into more