01 November 2006

Garmin Rino Radio w APRS

Garmin RINO Radio/GPS plus Xastir APRS Client
Xastir, combined with GPSMan, can perodically download waypoints from an attached RINO radio. Any waypoint beginning with "APRS" will have that portion of the string stripped, then the waypoint will be turned into an APRS object which will appear on the map and may be retransmitted out over APRS as well. Useful for those SAR missions where some people are equipped with RINO's and others with TH-D7A's or TM-D700A's. The RINO users will see each other, the APRS users will see the other APRS users plus the RINO users. The Xastir screen will show all of them.

Garmin RINO Radio/GPS plus OziAPRS Client
OziAPRS has the capability of decoding Garmin Rhino positions. You must have a Garmin Rino connected to the OziAPRS serial port for this to work. This will allow you to plot the positions of other Rino units on the Oziexplorer map screen, but it won't feed the data to your APRS client. Some SAR units are experimenting with this method rather than using APRS. I don't believe position reports are allowed on GMRS, but they are on FRS.